One Day, again, for the first time...

I have not found the truth,
but every day I'm closer to what I am.
I have loved with innocence, passion,
and truthfulness...
But one day I will be capable of loving
with the source that keeps all things alive.

I have no perfect thoughts and thus are my actions,
but I know when I say the truth, when I feel for someone,
I know when I do good in silence.

I know I am not perfect
but I have experienced happiness,
I also have been peaceful,
I can give a smile,
I have experienced life.

I know how we think of ourselves;
I know what we all would like others to think of us.
But I know that there is no more beautiful pleasure
than when someone can think freely of us

And see us, as we never saw ourselves with our own eyes.

I have seen my eyes construct my horizons;
I have seen my hands daydream in the sand.

I have seen my thought become a reality in many, many materialized desires.

I have seen my body delighted with someone,
while my soul was driving my thoughts at night...

I have seen all this, up in the sky, blind with the Sun in my eyes, cold in solitude...

and I can see it clearly coming out of your dark and white eyes, tonight...




One Day, Again, 
For The First Time